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We build websites, mobile apps, and utilitarian software.

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Business. Tech. Innovation.

  • We're an organization focused on developing solutions to tackle real-world problems by leveraging technology.
  • Primarily a tech company, we build websites, mobile apps, and utilitarian software, and also provide Compliance Services.
  • With an aim to bring about a revolution in technology we continue to learn the newest and trending technologies and constantly strive to innovate.
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Industry Sectors Served

Project-Specific Technologies

Tech & Business Enthusiasts


Web Development

Fully responsive websites with intuitive design and a host of functionalities and features

Mobile App Development

Fully functional and scalable Android and iOS apps for e-commerce, media, IoT

Electronics & IoT

Custom Electronics & IoT solutions and device connectivity to cloud


Custom AI/ML Solutions including but not limited to machine learning, computer vision, pattern recongnition

Data Analysis

Machine learning, text analytics, data cleaning, data visualization, statistical analysis, business intelligence

Social Media Marketing

Social media content creation, strategy and marketing across platforms



UI software development kit for cross-platform application development built by Google.


Frameworks for Web development, Machine Learning, Scripting, Data Analysis, Data Visualization.


Front-end web development, for intuitive, interactive and seamless UI development.


Open-source software library for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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